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Third Party Liability. The seas, rivers, and waterways can all be difficult places to travel around and occasional accidents happen. On top of that yachts and other water boats come with a high value price tag attached to them so any type of accident big or small can be quite costly. With this type of cover if you were to accidently cause any damage to another boat whist on the water then this insurance will help to cover the cost of the damage

Personal Accident Cover This type of cover is for those that like to challenge themselves at high speeds or at a rough sea – if this is you then we would advise you take out personal accident insurance cover. This will help to cover the cost of emergency treatment and medical expenses.

Hull Insurance This will cover the hull and the torso of the vessel including the furniture and any articles on the boat. This marine insurance is usually taken out by the owner of the boat to avoid any losses or any mishaps that may occur.

Machinery Insurance It is essential that all machinery on board is covered under this type of insurance just in case of any operational damages

Crew Insurance This type of insurance will help cover personal and accident coverage to suit the requirements of the yacht owners, crew and guests. Some of the coverage included will be; Medical expenses in the event of an illness or accident, salary protection, Marine retirement plans, Sports activities such as Skiing & Water sports so much more.

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